A nice morning at Coquille!
Our breakfast is made thinking of you. All days we make homemade breads and cakes, prepare fruits and juices, not forgeting some delicious like the cheese breads (pães de queijo) and cookies.
Our breakfast room has air conditioner. However, if you prefer, at the balcony you have a good option to have your breakfast, from where you can see the atlantic forest and watch the birds eating fruits at the feeder.

The homemade breads and cakes vary every day. Some of our specialities are the the Banana and Tapioca Cakes. But you will also like to taste the Passion Fruit Pie and the Yogurt Bread.

  Full Buffet, at the Breakfast Room:      
  There are more them 35 itens. Homemande breads and cakes, Pão francês, Frios, Pies, fruits, orange juice and other juices. Coffee, tea, milk, chocolate. Cereals and Yogurt. Salsages and Scrambled Eggs. Butter, Cream Cheese, Gelly.
from 7:15 AM to 9:45 AM
(included at our rates)
  At your Apartment:        
  Must be scheduled, at the day before or at the same morning, until 40 minutes after you order. At a tray, with a mix of everything: Coffee, Milk, Tea, Orange Juice, Pão Francês, Homemade Bread and Cake and one fruit.
from 8 AM to 12AM
(see rates)
  Madrugador Breakfast:        
  A more simple breakfast, with less itens. At the Breafast Room. Must be scheduled at the day before, until 6 PM. Coffe, Milk, Tea, Cereals, Yogurt, Juice, Homemade Breads and Cakes, One fruit.  
from 6:30 AM until 7:15 AM
(see rates)
  Did you knoe?        
  We have a special attention with your diet... If you have any food restriction, tell us! If you have diabetes, Se vocêr possuir algum restrição alimentar, avise-nos! Caso possua Diabetes, Lactose or gluten intolerance, please mention at your reservation or check-in (when filling out your check-in form). We will prepare specially for you at least one cake and one bread, according to your needs.
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